My Top 3 Gold Coast Photographers

Best Gold Coast Photographers

Unless you’re pretty handy with a camera, if you want your Instagram feed and website to be on point, it’s ideal to engage a professional photographer to capture images. As a service provider myself, I completely understand that it can be really hard to make a decision on who to hire for certain tasks, whether that be graphic design, web design, or photography, especially without a word of mouth recommendation. How do you sift through the Google search and find the right fit for your brand? Hopefully, my list of the best Gold Coast photographers will help you find an amazing local photographer for your small business.

I’ve made a big effort to seek out some of the best creatives on the Gold Coast so that I can confidently refer clients who are in need of services I don’t provide. I will also sub-contract out services and package it up as part of a project where required. For example, the Belle & Grace Boutique web design project where I coordinated a shoot for new product photography and website images for their new Shopify site. Similarly, if a client needs branding, web design and photography, I can assist with offering this as a whole package, using my clever creative contacts. 

Here’s my list of the best Gold Coast photographers for small businesses:

1. Florence James Collective

Jesse & Huzi are the quirky, fun, and vibrant couple behind Florence James Collective. They are Gold Coast / Brisbane based photographers, specialising in product and food photography. They love shooting with colour, as you’ll notice from their Insta – @florencejamescollective

Jesse & Huzi from Florence James Collective Gold Coast photographers

Jesse’s food photography journey started when she worked as a photographer for Uber Eats, creating those mouth-watering flat-lays you see on the app today. Since then, Florence James Collective have worked with a number of my clients including Days of Rose wines, Coco & Camila, Belle & Grace Boutique, St Hallett, Grant Burge along with some other fun brands like Halo Top icecream and almost every trendy bar and restaurant on the Gold Coast & Brisbane you can think of. 

Will You Accept This Rose Days of Rose Gift Box - Deluxe Grazing Spread Gold Coast Brand Marketing

Although they are amazing at creating beautiful food photography and videography, Florence James Collective are also one of my go-tos when it comes to product photography. They nail the brief every time. I harp on about this a lot, but having high quality images is a vital part of a web design project, and one of the first questions I ask during client consultations is “do you have professional images for your business?”.

Pancakes - Top 3 Gold Coast Photographers - Florence James Collective Food Photographers Gold Coast Brisbane

A social media photography package with Florence James Collective starts at $799, I’ll link their details below in case you want to get in touch and chat further. 


IG – @florencejamescollective

FB – Florence James Collective

2. Tammie Joske

Tammie Joske is another one of my fave Gold Coast photographers and is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to shooting and editing. I am obsessed with everything she does and she is destined to shoot for huge advertising campaigns with luxury brands. Tammie and I (or Team Tam as we like to refer to ourselves as) both love working with beverage, lifestyle and automotive brands. 

My Top 3 Gold Coast Photographers for Small Business - Tammie Joske Gold Coast Photographer

Tammie has recently worked with Gold Coast Jaguar, Intercontinental Hotels and Husk Distillery. I wish I had known her when I worked as the Marketing Manager for a group of car dealerships because she would have KILLED our social media marketing game. Tammie’s photography transports you to another place, and makes you feel like actually right there in the photo. I have no idea how she does it but she’s a complete magician in my eyes. 

Photography for Husk Distillery - Best Gold Coast Photographers - Tammie Joske
Gold Coast Jaguar. Jaguar E Pace - Tammie Joske

Tammie fell in love with photography when studying advertising at Bond Uni. As I mentioned, her work is extremely high-end but the good news is she recently started offering social media photography packages which start at just $597 per month for a minimum three month contract. You can get in touch with Tammie using the details below, you will not be disappointed. 


IG – @tamjoske

FB – Tammie Joske Photography

3. The Latest

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Kate from The Latest at a recent shoot with Brooke & Sam from The Petal Prop Co. Brooke had engaged my services for a website redesign and when Brooke told me she had hired Kate to take some professional pics I was super excited. I knew the photos she captured would be on point and I was not disappointed (you can check out what she produced for the Petal Prop Co. here). 

Kate Karanges The Latest - Best Gold Coast Photographers

I’d been fan-girling on Kate’s work for some time. I’d seen a lot of her personal branding shoots popping up as a result of her GENIUS Express Shoots package. The Latest offers 10 minute Express Shoots for $50. Let me just give that time to sink in… Kate used to have her own social media agency and she needed fresh pics of herself on a regular basis, but didn’t have the spare cash, or need for a one hour private shoot. She realised there was an opportunity to change it up, and make high quality personal branding images cash-flow-friendly.

Basically, The Latest tees up a stunning venue, and you can book in for a time slot that suits you to capture some personal branding shots.  You also needn’t worry about feeling awkward or uncomfortable during that 10 minute shoot. Kate is so genuinely lovely, I can see she has a knack for putting people at ease instantly, and it comes through in the photos she produces! After the shoot, Kate sends you a link to the photos and you can choose to purchase them for $10 each. 

The Latest - Personal Branding Express Shoots

You can also book Kate in for a private shoot if you need new pics for your website or social media and you can get her all to yourself. 

Best Gold Coast Photographers - The Latest shoot with The Dog Mum - Little Palm Creative Co.

The Latest is a Brisbane based photographer but looks after Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. To find out more about Kate, and to book in your shoot, check out her info below:


IG – @__thelatest

FB – The Latest.Co

So there you have it, my picks for the best Gold Coast Photographers for small business. Funnily enough, while I was planning for this blog I happened to listen to a podcast by Tim Reid – Small Business Big Marketing – where he interviewed the founder of Edible Blooms, Kelly Baker-Jamieson. He asked Kelly for her top tips when it comes to creating a successful website. Her #1 tip was – good imagery! Edible Blooms is hugely successful, selling around 1,000 gifts on their website per day during peak gifting seasons. Need I say more?

Next time you’re on your website, take a really good look at your images. When you’re ready to take the plunge, get in touch with one of these amazing Gold Coast photographers and take your brand to new heights.

P.S If you’d like to listen to that Small Business Big Marketing episode with Edible Blooms (#305) you can click here, or search wherever you listen to podcasts.


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