Booking Software Options for Your Business

Appointment booking software options for service based businesses

Did you know that there are FREE online booking software options for your service based business? If you run a health service, salon, spa or other service based business, its a great idea to integrate a booking software with your website so that your clients can quickly and easily book appointments online. If you’re running a relatively small home business and just in the initial stages, it can even be an option to just use a booking platform, in conjunction with your Google My Business page, without a website of your own.

What are the benefits of using an online booking system?

An online booking system helps you save precious time, alleviating the need for answering excessive calls, emails, or direct messages from clients trying to book appointments. It also helps potential clients book appointments quickly and easily, whether that’s during or after business hours. We’re all pretty time poor these days, so making it easy for your clients to book in to your business could be the difference between them utilising you, or going elsewhere.

An online booking system can also help to manage appointment reminders, sending your clients a timely notification that their scheduled appointment is approaching. It can also assist with communicating your cancellation policies, and ideally would help you avoid appointment no-shows.

Hot tip – An online booking system should be able to integrate with your marketing software, so that you can manage your customer database and store customer contact info. This can help you nurture your clients, build a retention strategy, and drive repeat business.

Let’s dive into the online booking software options that my clients generally use & recommend:


Who’s it for: Clinics and allied health professionals

Cliniko is a complete practice management application, enabling you to manage your bookings, treatment notes, invoices, as well as reporting and tracking. Cliniko allows you to send tailored text messages to your clients for ease of customer communication.

Pricing: from $45 per month for one practitioner

Find out more at: cliniko.com


Who’s it for: Salons and spas

The #1 software for salons and spas, Fresha offers appointment scheduling, payment processing, marketing features and even product inventory management. Their automated marketing features enable you to filter on your customer list, identifying VIPs and even your disengaged clients (giving you the opportunity to win them back). Fresha offers their booking platform for free, with the marketing features as paid extras.

Pricing: $0, with optional paid features

Find out more at: fresha.com


Who’s it for: Salons, spas, barbers & wellness spas

Timely is another online booking platform tailored for salons, spas, barbers and wellness studios. Timely does the standard things like book appointments and take payments but it also lets you build client profiles, and has a new rewards program feature. The built in analytics can integrate with your accounting software to help you keep a handle on how the business is running.

Pricing: from $39 per month

Find out more at gettimely.com


Who’s it for: Fitness related businesses

Designed for the fitness industry, you’ve probably booked a yoga class or F45 session through Mindbody and it seems to be one of the most popular booking platforms for fitness-related industries. Featuring clever AI tools, Mindbody can help handle customer enquiries, answer questions and help clients book their class. Mindbody also has payment processing and email marketing capabilities.

Pricing: P.O.A

More info: mindbody.com


Who’s it for: All service providers

For all service providers, Simplybook.me is a features-packed booking system that can help simplify your business by offering Client Intake Forms, Appointment Reminders, Booking Reminders and more, with simple integrations and the ability to take payments. They offer a free plan for up to 50 x bookings per month, with the ability to upgrade for more features.

Pricing: $0 for up to 50 appointments for month

Find out more at: simplybook.me

Acuity Scheduling

Who’s it for: All service providers

Helping you to automate everything from payments to reminders. Acuity offers you a branded appointment page that you can customise to ensure it’s cohesive with the rest of your website. Acuity enables you to request client intake forms to gather pertinent information in advance.

Pricing: From $16 per month

More info at: acuityscheduling.com


Square Appointments

Who’s it for: All service providers

If you’re already using Square POS, it may be appealing to use Square Appointments alongside it, which enables you to set up a simple website for managing client bookings. Their websites enable you to sell products and your services (via appointment bookings) together, which can be a great option for busy business owners looking to streamline their processes within a single platform.

Pricing: Free for one location, payment processing fees apply

More info at: squareup.com


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