Exploring product page customisations with Shopify 2.0

Explore Shopify 2.0 Product Page Customisations | Little Palm Creative Gold Coast Website Design

As someone who has worked with Shopify for more than 6 years, I cannot begin to describe how good 2.0 is compared to the previous version. I’ve always loved building Shopify websites, and their 2.0 update has provided another level of eCommerce possibilities. The customisation options that exist on the platform now, probably would have only existed on a completely custom ($30,000+) website in the past. 

Not only can you customise all the pages on your site, but probably my favourite feature is the ability to build unique product templates for every collection / category or individual product. You can present in-depth product features & info in a format that’s much easier to digest, add product videos, relevant articles, and it’s so much simpler to link “sibling” products (for example, a shirt that comes in three different colours) using Metafields. 

Better product pages = a better customer experience and a better conversion rate. 

Scroll down to see some real life examples from a few recent projects. 

Client: Glow Up Skin Co.

Industry: Skincare

Glow Up Skin Co. had a very basic Shopify website that they were looking to elevate with a more premium look and feel. There are key product features that we wanted to call out, and there was plenty of room for improvement with their existing product page layouts. 

Product page before:

Glow Up Skin Co. Product Page Layout Before redesign

Product page after:

Glow Up Skin Co. New Product Page Layout - Shopify 2.0 Redesign by Little Palm Creative


Shopify 2.0 Product Page - Client Spotlight Glow up Skin Co. | Skincare website
Client spotlight - Shopify 2.0 product page customisations

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Client: The Bee's Knees Collective

Industry: Pets

The Bee’s Knees Collective are a Gold Coast based pet bed company who were looking to refresh their website. Their previous product pages had a lot of information including shipping information and care instructions which I condensed into product tabs. I also added some UGC from doggo influencers to showcase the products, and some key product information to call out the premium quality of The Bee’s Knees Collective’s products. 

Product page before:

The Bee's Knees Collective - Dog beds | Product Page Before


The Bee's Knees Collective Product Pages After Redesign to Shopify 2.0
The Bee's Knees Collective Product Pages After Redesign to Shopify 2.0

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Industry: Gifting

Goldie Gift Co. is a Gold Coast based gift box company creating beautiful gifts and supporting local small businesses. Using Shopify 2.0 we could condense product information into tabs, including the important shipping tab because shoppers always love to know shipping info upfront. I then added an image and blurb about the Build Your Own Gift option, and some recommended products below that. 

Goldie Gift Co. Product Page using Shopify 2.0 | Little Palm Creative Gold Coast Web Design


Industry: Health Supplements

Lyprinol is an amazing natural product that has a plethora of health benefits. I wanted to ensure we could communicate these benefits, and answer any qs that might be top of mind for the customer as they consider their purchase. 

Lyprinol New Zealand Product Page details - Shopify 2.0 website redesign by Little Palm Creative Gold Coast web design

Keen to learn more about Shopify 2.0? Check out this article where I talk about some more reasons why I love it! 

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