Don’t Make These Website Mistakes in 2024

Don't make these website mistakes in 2024 | Little Palm Creative Gold Coast Website Design

Mistake #1 - Heavy on images, light on text

It’s tempting to fill your website with stunning images that reflect your work / brand but you could be shooting yourself in the foot from an SEO perspective if you choose this route. 


Put simply, you’re not giving Google anything to read on your website when you cover your pages with images and no / minimal text. The copy / text on your website is also known as your on-page SEO, it’s important to include the strategic keywords for your business. Not only can it negatively impact you from a Search Engine Optimisation perspective, it’s important to include some compelling copy to appeal to your target audience and to drive them to take action on your website. 

Mistake #2 - Slow Website Speed

Hosting issues, unoptimised images, big website files, caching problems or a poorly built website can make your website slower than a snail crawling through peanut butter. 


Most users expect a website to load within 2 seconds, and many will abort mission if the site isn’t up in 3 seconds. The speed of your website is important from a User Experience and it can impact your search engine rankings. 

If your website is lagging, check the size of your images, delete old data, and make sure your software is all up to date. If you’re still having issues, contact your website host for help. 

Mistake #3 - Focusing on aesthetics over function

I see a lot of stunning, creative, beautiful, chefs kiss websites that are not functional whatsoever.  There are a lot of pre-designed website themes & templates you can purchase from places like Etsy or Creative Market that look great, but unfortunately aren’t the perfect fit and layout for most businesses. 


It’s so frustrating for potential customers when they struggle to find what they’re looking for on your website. Make sure you consider your customer’s behaviour on your website, the actions they’re likely to take, and make it very simple to find important information / get in touch with you. And don’t forget the call to action buttons. 

Mistake #4 - A Terrible Website Navigation

A super busy navigation bar with way too many choices is enough to send me. If you’re having trouble categorising and sorting your products / pages on your menu bar in a concise and considered way, it might be worth getting some advice or feedback from some savvy friends or family members. 


User Experience is so important. A busy website menu is overwhelming and confusing to shoppers and website visitors. If your website guests can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re closing the browser / hitting that back button to see what other options are out there. 

Mistake #5 - Launching Without Your Meta Pixel or Google Analytics

Even if you’re not planning on running ads immediately, and you’ve got no idea how to use Google Analytics, I strongly recommend having these implemented on your website from day one. 


As your business grows and thrives you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t have these tools already in place. The Meta Pixel allows you to monitor the actions people take on your website, and can enable you to retarget them with personalised messaging in the future. Google Analytics is a statistics tool that gives insights onto your website performance. You might decide to engage a marketing agency down the track, and having access to this data and insights will be really helpful for running reports and assessing paid campaign results.

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