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Client – Purely Vegan Existence

Background: Daniela had built an engaged community via her Instagram page – @purely.vegan.existence – and wanted to take her lifestyle blog to the next level, with an actual blog! Dani was looking for a platform to house her blog, and sell her vegan recipe ebooks on, so we selected Shopify as the best option for her needs.

The Design: Dani put together a website plan of how she wanted the website to be structured. Based on her personal brand, I put together the design you see below, which I felt was clean and fresh, and aligned with her vegan lifestyle and values.

Work completed: Website design

Platform: Shopify

The original home page design is displayed below. After we went live, Dani added more products to her store and we did a one-on-one training and tweaking session where I taught her to reformat the home page layout to suit her new brand direction.

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