Rosé, Brosé or Spritz? – Topgolf Gold Coast


Client: Accolade Wines

Background: Topgolf recently launched on the Gold Coast and has become a hugely successful and popular destination with locals waiting for hours to get a booth on the weekends. Whilst people eagerly wait for a booth, they are generally invited to hang out in one of the many bar areas. Accolade Wines had a Feature Wine booked in for September and we wanted to do something slightly different with their beautiful new Provence style rosé, Days of Rosé. The feature wine opportunity came with the ability to provide content to display on all of the screens, and we decided that video content would be ideal to capture people’s attention, amongst the static images of other corporate messaging and advertising.

Concept: Due to the audience, I wanted to produce some content that wasn’t purely targeted at females, and so the idea for Rosé, Brosé or Spritz was born.

Brief/Concept by: Little Palm Creative Co.

Video Content by: Florence James Collective