The Petal Prop Co. – Website Redesign


Client – The Petal Prop Co.

Background: The Petal Prop Co. have an edge over their competitors simply for having a website. According to Brooke, they get a lot of bookings over similar Gold Coast businesses due to the fact that they have a legitimate website, as opposed to simply running their business through social media. However, despite this, they felt that their website wasn’t on brand, and there were a few issues with the mobile responsiveness of their site.

The Design: Brooke was happy with my style based on previous work, and pretty much gave me free rein to redesign the Petal Prop Co website however I wanted. Her only request was that she wanted to feature more of their brand colours of pastel pink and mint green. Brooke hired Kate from The Latest for a photoshoot at 11past11 Studio in Currumbin. The result was some stunning images for the new site. Check out the full site at

Work completed: Website redesign

Platform: Wordpress

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